Mincon has a global presence, serving regional markets with customer support centres in 15 countries and more than 130 distributors worldwide. As well as being official regional presence and support hubs, Mincon customer support centres work hand-in-hand with end-users and distributors to develop solutions as well as provide their feedback to Mincon’s engineering team for refinements in product designs.

Mincon has customer support centres in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia West Africa, Namibia, Southern Africa, Chile, Peru, and Australia. Additional markets are serviced through distributors directly by Mincon factories.

Supporting these customer support centres and distributors is a global network of manufacturing facilities, each strategically positioned to meet regional demand and provide specialist knowledge for drilling applications. As an engineering company, Mincon also invests in the facilities and talent to help drive both the continuous evolution of its products as well as develop ground-up innovations – ensuring that it retains its reputation as The Driller’s Choice.

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