etween 10 and 15 February, 2020, work began on setting up a site for exploration drilling at a remote green-field site in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

Nardus Bezuidenhout, director of Torque Africa Exploration, moved in on site with one of his company’s Thor 8000 RC truck-mount drill rigs - a proven powerhouse for his chosen method of deep-hole drilling. Joining the main rig on site were a fleet of support vehicles, including rod carrier trucks, compressors, water and fuel tankers, and medical service vehicles - as well as a full team of staff to support the operation.

Norsk Distributor Certificate.001Mincon has introduced the Mincon Authorised Distributor programme to formalise long-standing business relationships with distributors across the world. This programme will ensure a higher level of service and global availability for Mincon’s products.

Conexpo web story

In March 2020 Mincon Group introduced it’s largest-yet DTH drill-through ring-bit casing system for geotechnical piling applications. The system was unveiled at the Conexpo-ConAGG 2020 exhibition.

Mincon Service Center

As part of Mincon's commitment to customer service, we are always evaluating prime locations for service centres. These vital facilities offer Mincon customers excellent turnaround times when it comes to sourcing drilling solutions and parts, as well as providing product support or expert consultation.


Mincon was present at the 2019 South Atlantic Jubilee Water Show held at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on 27 - 29 July 2019.


In June 2019, Tom Purcell and Ed Mounger of Mincon Inc hosted guests from Headwater Companies in Ireland, including a tour of the Shannon factory.


Every Mincon product starts life as an idea on paper, however it only becomes a reality when the raw materials start taking shape.

Until recently, the prototype components for products in development were manufactured on the same production line as commercial products. Today, Mincon’s prototype components are manufactured at a bespoke prototype factory for research and development. It’s at this facility where a highly experienced, full-time team has dedicated lathes and mills to rapidly develop high-quality components for all prototype work and once-off projects.


Mincon has earned a reputation as The Driller's Choice thanks to its comprehensive range of hard-rock drilling solutions, which it supplies to markets across the world. However, Mincon's rock drilling expertise isn't just in the design and manufacturing of its class-leading tools.

Each of our regional customer service centres has highly experienced mining and drilling engineers, who are experts in their field. They engage with customers to establish their needs, develop solutions, and ensure productivity remains high at drilling operations. This includes providing crucial training to drilling staff.